Some thoughts for you, the writer:

“A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, not because she has amazing talent, and, not because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” -WritersLife.org

“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” – WritersLife.org

“A creative act enhances the beauty of the world; it gives something to the world, it never takes anything from it. A creative person comes into the world, enhances the beauty of the world � a song here, a painting there. He makes the world dance better, enjoy better, love better, meditate better. When he leaves this world, he leaves a better world behind him. Nobody may know him; somebody may know him � that is not the point. But he leaves the world a better world, tremendously fulfilled because his life has been of some intrinsic value.” – Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the ForcesWithin

“Money, power, prestige, are uncreative; not only uncreative, but destructive activities. Beware of them! And if you beware of them you can become creative very easily. I am not saying that your creativity is going to give you power, prestige, money. No, I cannot promise you any rose-gardens. It may give you trouble. It may force you to live a poor man’s life. All that I can promise you is that deep inside, you will be the richest man possible; deep inside, you will be fulfilled; deep inside, you will be full of joy and celebration.” – Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

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Linda is currently working on a novel – a fiction piece about a girl who finds herself in a quaint town the summer following her father’s death.

Linda began actually putting this story to paper in November 2015 during a Novel Writing retreat in Bali. With the help of her writing coach, Lisa Fugard, she received guidance and constant motivation.

She also received extremely helpful tips on writing process, ie. listening to the same album while writing is OK and allowed – One Republic’s Dreaming Out Loud album (FYI), and, learning that she is most creative upon waking from sleep. This helped her create a writing schedule which resulted in a difficult decision to give up some of her morning yoga practices to make room for writing.

When she isn’t actually working on writing this book, she is constantly thinking about it. If you find you are in a conversation with her and she zones out. This is probably what has happened – so, please don’t take offense.

Come back to this page to check on Linda�s progress and visit her blog to read Writing Doodles (unedited, raw writing).

Workshop offering:

Let It Flow Experience – Chakra Yoga and Automatic writing

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Recommended duration: 2 hrs

This special class begins with light yoga specific to opening the two chakras (sacral and throat) associated with creativity. It also incorporates movements to open the crown chakra, which helps you to connect to the Divine/your Inner Self/Higher Consciousness/the Powers that Be. Once these chakras are opened, you are provided a writing prompt and you write continuously for a set period of time. The key is the pen never leaves the page – the pen never stops moving. There is an option to share your writings.

This experience is open to anyone looking to try something new and cool, to find a new avenue on how to connect to oneself and release, (aspiring) writers looking for inspiration or who have writers block, journalers, etc…Expect an unforgettable experience.

Email Linda to arrange an event – linda@spark-then-ignite.com

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