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If you know of a Healing Space with reasonable rental space fees in mid-Toronto, North York or Richmond Hill/Markham area, please connect me.


REIKI healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of a healee who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, a total healing can occur. The Reiki practitioner acts as a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows. It is an extremely powerful healing energy that will release negative energies, ignite a total body healing and instill a sense of calm and well-being.

As part of a REIKI treatment, you will receive a CHAKRA READING which will help pinpoint areas of balance and imbalance (if any) in your being, and will provide guidance for your healing and growth process.

CHAKRA READING involves the use of a pendulum. The pendulum provides visual guidance of chakras (energy centres) that are healthy or closed, indicating an energy block. The pendulum is placed over each of the seven main chakras, hovering momentarily to capture the energy level of that chakra.

A JOURNEY is also incorporated into the Reiki session (offered in 1-hr sessions only) to inquire about a specific direction for your general healing. Linda is a trained Shamanic Healing practitioner and incorporates this modality into the Reiki sessions to personalize the session to you. During a JOURNEY, Linda enters into a state of consciousness to meet her Guides (your Guides could be present as well) and asks to be shown what you need to know. She will share with you what she gets.

During a session, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table. Hands are placed lightly on or over your body, starting at the head (crown chakra) and ending at the feet (root). You simply rest.

During the session, you may experience different sensations, such as feeling extreme heat, tingling, pulsating, lingering sensations as I move along your body, sensations in a different part of your body as I work in another. Some people see lights and colours, some people have experienced a heavyweightedness overcome their enter body or parts of their body – as though even if they tried to get up the could not. This particular sensation is a sign that the deepest of healing is happening. Our Guides are working on you with focus and care, particularly for people who have trouble being still physically and mentally.

Some people experience floating, along with shifts in energy, mood, emotions passing through. Some people do not experience anything of the above during the session. Some people experience an increase in vivid dreaming the night of and for a few nights after. This is your subconscious mind re-organizing things on a deep level. Linda would recommend you try to write down your dreams upon awakening. There is important information (“aha” moments or awarenesses) that is being presented.

Depending on our interaction during the session, some vocalization may be required – in the form of “sounding” (which is a way to help open deepen the release of energy which no longer serves you) or by “free talking” (which starts with an image or memory that may come up or an issue that has been on your mind – you talk without self-censoring, without judgement, without coming to any conclusions and moving freely through topics randomly.

Overall, a treatment provides a space to experience different kinds of feelings and change, a release, relaxation, promotes a sense of well-being and undergo a total body healing.

After a treatment, it is recommended that you create some space for reflection as a cleansing process is underway. You may experience irritability, moodiness, and/or vivid dreaming within the next few days or weeks as the body is releasing energies that no longer serve you.

Post treatment suggestions:

  • Rest (do less)
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Choosing to eat healthy, clean foods
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Journaling
  • Walking in nature

Healing takes place layer-by-layer. As you continue to heal, through additional Reiki treatments or other modalities, ie. shamanic healing, meditation/grounding, you will continue to shift your energy and amplify your vibrational frequency, attracting different things to you and as the outer world begins to align with your new inner self (your soul).

There is a lot of information that is presented to you during your initial Reiki session with Linda and space should be created to process this information and practice the healing tools that are given to you.

The treatment will raise your vibrational frequency and clear blockages that disrupt the energy flow. Depending on the weight of the issues you are dealing with, stress level in your daily life, illnesses and unexpected life incidences, this frequency may dim quicker for some than others.

One way to consider long or how many sessions is to recall how long you have been suffering (in general, or on a specific issue) or how long you’ve been feeling stuck, ie. 5 years, try to commit to 5 sessions.

The level of stress in your life is also a factor – the higher the stress level, the more frequent the session, ie. weekly for a few weeks, then, space out longer – bi-weekly, every three weeks, or monthly. There has been great success when sessions are more close together. To the point where the healee is powered up fully moves on feeling completely at home with himself or herself and has direction. Consider purchasing a package (listed below) if this is a direction you would like to explore.

To continue on this path of healing and change, regular treatments are recommended until you feel powered up and able to sustain your highest vibration on your own.

The following treatment courses are recommended, if possible, based on your situation, level of stress and financial situation: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally (tune up) or annually (check in).

If you are seeking a true shift in your current living experience, continued regular visits (whatever “regular”feels like to you – reaching out to book as you notice your energy start to shift/deflate) would be so beneficial to keep your vibration and energy levels filled up. Once you become well-versed in maintaining your vibration, visits can be booked further apart.

Book as you require:

One-hour sessions ($130) – with chakra reading are recommended during your first visit with Linda.

Other session offerings:

45-minute ($95) or 30-minute ($60) – with chakra reading

within the following days/times only at Bathurst/Richmond location:

Tuesdays from 3-7pm or Thursdays from 1-5pm

Chakra readings with pendulum are provided for all maintenance sessions with recommendations to take home.

If you are interested and would like to commit to long-term healing to truly experience transformation in areas of your life in a safe and supportive environment, consider making a commitment and purchasing a bundle – options below:

3-Session bundle – $375
Purchase 3 sessions upfront and use within 12 months.

5-Session bundle – $600
Purchase 5 sessions upfront and use within 12 months.

For a single session, Book here

To purchase a package, send an etransfer to: No password is required for this transaction. If you prefer to pay with credit card, email Linda – she will email you an invoice to pay via Square.

Acceptable payment methods: cash, etransfer (to email above), debit and credit card (an invoice via Square can be provided).

Payment will be required at time of booking to reserve your session.

Cancellation policy: 24-hours notice is required to cancel your appointment. If under 24-hours notice is provided, a $50 fee will be charged.

Receipts: Receipts for Professional Development can be issued for Reiki sessions to be reported on the self-employment schedule of your personal tax return, if this applies. This service/receipt is not claimable under ‘Medical Expenses’.

Contact outside of appointment times: Contact via email is preferred. Email Linda at

If you are having trouble booking or would like to inquire about which service is best for you, please reach out.

If you feel called to send me a statement regarding the intention for your healing session, then, feel free to write. My response will be limited to 1-3 lines. The purpose would be to have your intention witnessed.

Testimonials after sessions are always welcome.

If you are experiencing ungrounding or anything unusual (to you), feel free to reach out. A distance journey may be required and with it a distance healing to settle the energy. This service is offered after the first session only, if required, as new clients may not yet possess the coping tools to self-soothe til our next appointment. Subsequent distance inquiries will be charged a fee, depending on the scope of the work done. Though a prayer will be said on your behalf, the distance work may be delayed and scheduled on a Healing Work day (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday).

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