My name is Linda Kang and I am an Intuitive Healer who’s goal is to help my clients become the best version of themselves while eliminating fears that keep them trapped in old habits.I am a Reiki and

Shamanic Healing practitioner and work with the support of spirit guides and animal helpers. My goal is to provide a personalized experience with each person to optimize healing in each session.

REIKI healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of a healee who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, a total healing can occur. The Reiki practitioner acts as a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows.

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Linda’s yoga classes incorporate the following elements:

The Spine: Movement of the spine in all directions, ie. twists, to stimulate circulation and allow blood to flow back into areas that may have been closed or blocked.

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Treatments are provided Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at:
Studio Blue – 1457 Dundas Street West (at Dufferin)

Linda is a Reiki and Shamanic Healing practitioner practicing in the Toronto area. She brings a pure and clear energy to her work with an intention to relate to

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Some thoughts for you, the writer:

“A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, not because she has amazing talent, and, not because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep

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1hr – Reiki session – Location: STUDIO BLUE $115.00

Gift Certificates also available.

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Soul Retrieval – a journey to prep
Sep, 21

In preparation of a Soul Retrieval that I am to perform today, I journeyed.

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Solar Eclipse – New Beginnings
Aug, 21

There has been something at work here, something beyond me that
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Shamanic Extraction – the basics of 
Sep, 05

What is a Shamanic Extraction?
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I am the sun that fills you with warmth & stays with you,
til you feel the spark that lights your path to enriching all life around you.

Shared Experiences


Benefits of Shamanic Healing – a healing story

I have the pleasure of sharing Sarah’s experience.

She first came to see me earlier this year, in February 2018. She knew that something wasn’t quite right in her life/with her and hadn’t been for some time.

Upon reading the service list at, the description of the 2-hour Shamanic Healing session (which involves a Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Extraction) resonated with her – And, after years of feeling stuck, she decided to take a leap of faith and book with me, a stranger.

She describes her experience as: “Feeling like a piece of your inner puzzle was just put back in its place.”

Over the next few months, she continued to see me regularly, alternating between Shamanic Healing and Reiki (Note: Reiki is recommended in between Soul Retrieval sessions to help integrate the soul fragment back into the body.)

Months later, another journey to find another soul fragment revealed that an old boyfriend had STOLEN a soul fragment.

During the journey, I recall entering a room with bookcases full of soul fragments in jars. Try to picture a firefly trapped in a glass jar – row and row of them!

Below, she shares the rest of this experience:

I discovered that an ex-boyfriend stole my soul piece and kept it in a glass jar and that my “sparkle” was dimmed ever since and I couldn’t figure out why. He stole my sparkle to “power up” and that is exactly what happened after we broke up.“

Sarah resonated with what I saw and expressed a huge relief and resonance as a result of this healing.

Following the session, to help with the integration process, she felt compelled to do some arts and crafts and created a mini glass jar with colourful beads to represent the soul fragment that was returned to her (her “sparkle”). She wears it on her keychain everyday to remind her to never let anyone dim or steal her sparkle again.

About: Sarah H

Her Title: A former prisoner of an invisible jail who is getting her sparkle back

Number of sessions to this point: 3 soul retrievals/extracts, approx. 4 Reiki

Madelynn Horten -New Jersey, US

Distance Extraction

“Linda did a distant extraction on me that was 500 miles away.I did not feel anything unusual during our distance session, which was in the evening. She explained that she located and removed energy that no longer belonged in my low belly area.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to extreme knots and pain in my abdomen and stumbled to the bathroom. I did not eliminate and the pain subsided after 5-10 mins later.

Over the years, I’ve had bloating and stomach issues. I’ve had these issues for so long that I accepted them as part of my daily discomfort. The doctors would just prescribed medicine for temporary relief. I did not tell Linda I had this issue prior to her work.Not sure if it’s coincidental, but since Linda’s extraction, my bloating and related issues do not bother me anymore.”

Number of sessions to this point: 2

Megan Layfield – Toronto, ON

I have been working with Linda for the past 8 months, using Reiki and a variety of shamanic healing methods. Working with Linda has led me on a journey of self-empowerment and discovery. Linda has helped me uncover issues that are closely related to my struggles with anxiety and self-confidence, that have been buried deep within my subconscious.

My sessions with Linda have helped me to realize that the path to a whole and happy life begins with empowering yourself; Reiki and shamanic healing have helped me to realize my potential and how I have been holding myself back from reaching this potential.

Every session with Linda provides such valuable insight into aspects of myself that I have failed to recognize, have been neglecting, or have lost along the way. She also highlights my strengths, and how I can use these resources to work through the issues we have uncovered.”

Number of sessions to this point: 8

Meghan Spiteri – Toronto, ON

Linda’s energy is kind and soulful. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and powerful. There is something super special about her. Our energies connected immediately and I think that’s what made my session the most successful.

Her talent and passion reaches a new level and exudes a level of self-confidence I am so thankful to have met her!

Major learning I will take away: My insecurities – I always knew they were there, but the opportunity to have others find them, when you try so hard to bury them, is such a relief. Going through some major personal changes in my life right now. This was a necessary step to help me move forward.”

Number of sessions to this point: 3