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So Surreal! – COVID

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Hi Friends!

I just wanted to put something together to let you know that I am thinking about you. I hope you are well and will stay well. Things are so quiet now, don’t you think? Beyond the anxiety and stress that COVID is generating, there is an anxiety in the silence and the isolation. If you’re the type of person who values productivity based on how busy you keep yourself and how you maintain a non-stop work pace, how are you defining yourself now? How well are you switching gears and experiencing the silence, isolation and stillness?

There is a huge shift coming to humanity. You have all personally experienced Reiki and what happens in the stillness and quiet. We start to mentally digest all our experiences, reorganize and release things, and ultimately, create a space for our conscious and subconscious minds to meet and integrate. This space also allows us to create an opening for our Higher Self to come forward – the voice that is always trying to guide us toward what is best for us.

I propose we offer our support to those who are just now starting to slow down and maybe even begin their spiritual quest. Offer to hold space for them by listening and comforting and sharing the experiences that led you to here. I feel the flicker of a spiritual evolution and I am very interested to see how the world lights up because of it.

To help those of you who are energetically sensitive and are in need of a healing, I have created two new DISTANCE SESSIONS:


Soul Retrieval with Power Animal Retrieval

When soul pieces are returned to us, we no longer attract the same things. The hole in our soul is now sealed and we are no longer attracting the same things. Experience a life shift and draw on the support of your new Guide – your new Power Animal.

Extraction with release of Stolen

Soul Fragments (1hr)

Spring clean your insides – We will remove stuck energy from your being. And allow you to release people who no longer serve (Cut cords). Feel lighter and empowered.

How it works:

We connect via Zoom meeting.

Must have space to lie down during the Healing. For additional comfort, have an eye mask/pillow and blanket available.

Book at: https://alignrichmond.janeapp.com/

Offered until March 31st.


In an attempt to meet you and find some way to help you process things that are stirring underneath, I’m offering an online journaling/writing experience – the first two are free. Here are the details:


Starting Satruday, March 21st at 3pm, I will be offering a 30 mins free online writing experience via Zoom Meeting.

Let it Flow writing is a writing experience where we write for a set period of time. The key is: The pen never leaves the page.

The magic in this truly comes if you don’t stop moving that pen.

I will provide the writing prompts. You show up with a pen and paper.

The schedule is as follows – 3pm on:

Saturday, March 21st – 30 mins (try me)

Sunday, March 22nd – 30 mins (try me)

Monday, March 23rd – 90 mins ($25)

Wednesday, March 25th – 90 mins ($25)

Friday, March 27th – 90 mins ($25)

Saturday, March 28th – 90 mins ($25)

Sunday, March 29th – 90 mins ($25)

Monday, March 30th – 90 mins ($25)

If interested, please email me listing the day(s) you’d like to participate:


E-transfer to same email.

Be well and hope to see you soon!

– Linda, Reiki and Shamanic Healing

March 20, 2020

How your Power Animal can guide you

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My Power Animals appear when I am working and help me do the healing work necessary. During Extractions, they assist with the removal of energy that no longer serves a person’s highest Good.

Sometimes there is a tag team effort that takes places with my Power Animals – It’s like one is better at doing certain things, like clearing a certain kind of energy than the other, and so, during the Extraction, one will step in to do his/her thing, then, the other will finish it off.

All of them don’t always appear. There is Power Animal that was retrieved for me a few years ago who is rarely present. I forget about her sometimes. But, I know she is always there. And since I started a regular practice, I noticed that she appears when a super deep healing is about to happen, and I’m like “Hey, long time no see.” And she winks at me.

Whenever I journey, I am always greeted by one of them. If I have a general question for a client, friend or myself, there is always one that appears to counsel me. When I do Soul Retrievals, there is at least one that guides me along a path and walks with me until I meet the soul fragment that I am to converse with.

In everyday life, I call upon my Power Animals (spirit guides) when I need. Whether it is to help me be seen and heard – so the people around me hear my “roar” or “growl”. Mostly, though, I am in the backgound listening, poised; Seen but not always actively participating.

Power Animals are around to support you, give you power with the unique gifts they each posses, and, give you guidance – if you ask.

For a time, you can embody characteristics of that animal for better health, to heal, for power. For example, if your power animal is a bear – know that winter is not the best time for you to start new projects. Winter is the time when Bear hibernates. So, set your plans in motions in the spring.

Your power animal may be Elk (also part of the Deer and Moose family) – gentle and innocent creatures with a quiet regal presence. They are herbivores. So, maybe if you are experiencing digestive issues, switch your diet to vegetarian to bring out Elk medicine. Unlike Bear, the cycle of power for Elk is autumn and spring.

Your power animal is a sacred being. With the sacred nature of this spirit guide, know that sometimes sharing what it is with certain people may diminish it’s power (and your power). So, please be selective, prudent even, with who you share this information with.

With time, you can build a relationship with your Power Animal – get to know him or her. Learn if it is a him or a her? What are his favourite foods – for offering purposes. Learn his habits. Ask how can he assist you best.

If you talk to the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.

If you do not talk to them,

And what you do not know,

you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.

-Chief Dan George

Here are some of the Power Animals that I have retrieved:

Bear (brown bear, Kodiak, panda, polar bear)













Snake (gartner, cobra, python, anaconda)





For more information about Power Animals/Spirit Guides:

Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews

Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, by by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.d

Power Animal Retrieval – my first time

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One of the first times I retrieved a Power Animal for someone was during the first class (a weekend retreat) for (for simplicity sake, we’ll call it) “shaman school”. We were given instructions then partnered up. My partner was stationed across from me, so I made my way over to her.

At the start of each journey, we go to a place, an earthy place. For me, it is a nice patch of grass in a beautiful garden in front of a white marble bench. I enter the Underworld (non-ordinary reality) from there.

Immediately when I entered, I saw the face of a Cheetah – a yellow cat with black spots. If I was watching TV, the face of this Cheetah would fill the entire screen.

As I said made note of this feline n my head, I watched letters in CAPS pop up in front of the Cheetah’s face: JAGUAR.

The letters that formed the word entered in from the bottom left rose upward hovering over the Cheetah’s forehead, then dropped down like a roller coaster and disappeared.

As I saw the words pop up, I immediately thought to myself: “That’s not a Jaguar. Jaguar’s are black. It’s a Cheetah.”

I continued on the journey to complete the rest of the steps involved to confirm this was my partner’s Power Animal, including sitting with Cheetah to ask what gifts it brings to my partner.

I made my way out of the Underworld carrying her gifts in my arms to present to her.

When my partner and I awakened from the journey, I shared with her what I saw minus the word JAGUAR popping. I led with I seeing a yellow cat with black spots and told her that her Power Animal was a Cheetah. She interrupted and asked: “Are you sure it wasn’t a Jaguar?”

I paused and looked at her wondering if she could read my mind. “That’s so weird that you ask because the word JAGUAR did pop up. But, I dismissed it because Jaguars are black.”

“Hang on,” she said. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a piece of paper and flipped it over.  As preparation for the retreat, one of the pieces of prep was to bring a picture of your power animal or animals. “Did it look like this?”

It was photo from the internet of a yellow cat with black spots.

“Yes,” I said. “That’s what I saw. A Cheetah.”

“Linda, this is a jaguar,” she said.

My breath caught for a moment as the magnitude of the situation caught up with me. I realized there were Forces at work here that couldn’t be explained. Well, they could be explained by simply saying “Holy shit, I’m psychic!” Just joking. I would never say that. It’s more like somehow I saw something and it was good information, and it came from nowhere – maybe, not even nowhere. Maybe from Somewhere…

I felt goosebumps in the back of my neck.

Despite all this awareness, I said: “But, I thought Jaguars were black. And Cheetahs are the only cats that are yellow and spotted.”

“In some places, like Central America, Jaguars are spotted or coloured,” my partner said.  She pointed back at the picture. “Is this what you saw?”

“Yes,” I confirmed.

We sat for a moment in silence.

In the pause, I realized there were Powers at work. And I was totally blown away – like, Whoa. One, showing me what I asked – a visual of my partner’s Power Animal. The Other, knew how my mind worked or how what I knew and what I didn’t know. “It” knew I would think this yellow spotted feline was a Cheetah, and so, “It” decided to send me a message in CAPS, just to make sure I get it right….I say again: Whoa.

She broke the silence first. “That’s interesting,” she said, “because a few months ago, I had a soul retrieval and he retrieved a Jaguar for me as well.”

“Daniel?” I asked. “Did you ask him if it was spotted?”

“Yes and No, I didn’t,” she replied.

“Let’s find him and ask,” I said.

We looked around the room and saw him at the snack station.

“Daniel,” my partner called. “The jaguar you retrieved for me a few months back – Do you recall what colour it was?”

“Spotted,” he said without hesitation.

My partner and I looked at each other eyes wide. Whoa.

If Jaguar is your Totem or Spirit Animal

The jaguar spirit animal is the gatekeeper to all that is unknown. A mystical totem, the jaguar offers lessons about reclaiming your inner power by awakening your inner core energy (sometimes referred to as Kundalini). When the secretive, graceful jaguar enters your life it is time to resolve old issues and to make way for a spiritual rebirth. Understanding the darker side of life is what offers this powerful animal totem its mystery. With understanding comes the ability to embrace change and life’s multitude of cycles.

More about the Jaguar:


If Cheetah is your Totem or Spirit Animal

If the cheetah is running through your consciousness, it’s a good time to make your move. No more mansy pansy, wishy washy. Nope. If cheetah is your sign, then you’ve got to blaze a trail, act, respond, and do it quickly.

Too often we lose out on incredible opportunities because of doubt or fear of risk. Cheetah tells us that life is too short to hem and haw. Cheetah bolts into action when it sees an opportunity. And that’s a big message the cheetah imparts to us humans.


Shamanic Extraction – the basics of

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What is a Shamanic Extraction?

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul and they work with energy. In the case of shamanic extraction they are working with misplaced energy. No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective. If energy is misplaced or it isn’t in accord with the environment (the human body, or the body of land…) it will bring illness.

Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy, sometimes called intrusions. This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness.

Where does misplaced energy come from?

We all are aware that emotional states can effect health. Stress is acknowledged to cause backaches and ulcers. Shamans believe that your emotion takes the form of energy and can be stored throughout the body and eventually lead to illness. So you store your stress or anger in your stomach, or you get angry and send your anger out at someone. We can see this if can remember a time when someone’s anger or sadness seemed to have an effect on a room: “her anger hit me like a blow” or “you could cut the tension with a knife.”

The energy that can be stored in the body does not have to be from anger but could be from other reasons as well. In the shamanic mind there is no distinction made based on where the energy came from. The shaman sees that the energy does not belong there and removes it.

Other types of misplaced energy could be the energy left behind from an injury. Someone sprains his/her ankle and an energetic injury may remain which could perpetuate weakness in that location. Organ transplants is sometimes an instance where shamanic extraction is needed. Shamanically everything has a soul, so the heart transplanted from another may still contain energy from the organ donor. This energy may or may not be compatible with the heart transplant recipient. If its not, the shaman would remove the ‘displaced’ energy that is adding to the body’s rejection of the heart so that the rejection will be less severe.

As you can see in the organ donor example, misplaced energy is not good or bad, it simply does not belong there. Because it does not belong there it causes illness or weakness in the body.

The Extraction: Finding and Removing the Misplaced Energy

The shaman will first enter a shamanic state of consciousness to diagnose and find where misplaced energy might be in the body. This change in consciousness allows the shaman to see in a different way, to see what is going on energetically. The shaman will perceive the energy in some way that will indicate to her or to him that it needs to be removed. It may appear to shaman as black sludge, or as an attacking snake, have a smell, or be felt as heaviness. The way each shaman perceives that there is misplaced energy varies, but there is always a signal of some kind which says ‘this does not belong here.’

Once the shaman has located the misplaced energy, he or she will then merge fully with their guardian spirits or power animals. Merging with healing spirits increases the shaman’s power and allows them to remove the energy. It also protects the shaman from taking the energy into her or his own body during the shamanic extraction. This increase of power allows the shaman to pull the energy out, as if he or she has a stronger magnet to pull with. If the shaman increases the power of his or her magnet sufficiently to overcome that energy’s hold on the body, it can be removed.

Depending on the shamanic practitioner and the nature of the displaced energy this can be a very quiet process. With some practitioners the extraction can be quite a show. The shamanic practitioner merged with a power animal may move similarly as his or her power animal.  He or she may make the sounds of the power animal. For instance, if the animal is a snake the practitioner may hiss while removing the energy block. If you are interested in having an extraction, you can discuss this with your shamanic practitioner.  They can perform the extraction in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Sound instruments may be used, such as a rattle or a drum, to increase the power or the energy of the “magnet.” The shamanic practitioner may sing to maintain her or his shamanic state, or to increase his power during the process.

The shamanic practitioner will dispose of the removed energy in various ways. She may transmute (transform) the energy into a more positive life enhancing energy. He may place it in water and have the water neutralize it.

Once the extraction is performed the shamanic practitioner will fill the void in the client’s body, that was created by the vacated energy . The practitioner may replace it with healing energy, perform a power animal retrieval, or perform a soul retrieval. The shaman will not leave a void for other energy to enter.

Distance Extraction (an experience sharing)

by: Madelynn Horten, New Jersey, USA

“Linda did a distant extraction on me that was 500 miles away.  Although, I did not feel anything unusual during the treatment – A few hours later, I did!

I woke up in the middle of the night to extreme knots and pain in my abdomen and stumbled to the bathroom. Though, I did not physically, eliminate – the pain subsided after 5-10 mins later.  But as I sat on the toilet, I was thinking what the heck just happened to me?

Over the years I’ve had bloating and stomach issues.  I’ve had these issues for so long that I’ve accepted them as part of my daily discomfort.  The doctors would just prescribe medicine. I did not tell Linda I had this issue prior to her work. Not sure if its coincidental, but since Linda’s extraction, my bloating and related issues do not bother me anymore.

Extraction performed:  June 2017

Studying the Chakras

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Earlier this year in July, I returned to Kripalu Yoga Centre to study the Psychology of the Chakras with Anodea Judith. I had purchased her book “Eastern Body, Western Mind” a year ago for personal interest and found it an extremely useful resource for the energy work I do. It is an in-depth study of the chakra system.

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Solar Eclipse – New Beginnings

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There has been something at work here, something beyond me that I have to acknowledge. Too many “coincidences” – which I actually refer to as a “godwink” (def’n: an event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention).  Read More